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Get involved!

The first and most important thing to do is spread the word. Put up posters around town, make memes on Reddit, post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media, and bring it up in conversations with friends and family. Recruit people to our global protests on January 15, April 27, and August 1, to raise awareness for our cause.

The second crucial step is forming local affinity groups around Earth Strike. Get to know others others who are on board. Host meet-ups, hold get-togethers, organize small conferences or lectures, and even independent protests not already planned.  By doing so, we will all get experience participating in real, boots on the ground organizing. We will build the habits and skills of direct democracy and horizontal, egalitarian decision making that will be necessary to us in the days ahead.

Head over to the National Campaigns page to see if Earth Strike is organizing in your country. On the website of your country’s campaign, you will find printable materials in your country’s language(s).

At the same time that you’re building local support and recognition for the movement, you can also join up with the organizing being done online, at the international and national levels. Become a member of one of the working groups: outreach, website team, graphics team, etc.¬†We mainly communicate using Discord, a free cross-platform messaging app. When you join, check the #info channel and follow the instructions outlined there.

Click here to join!

Finally – think of things we haven’t! Write songs, make YouTube videos, do slam poetry, be creative, use your talents. Our movement is poised to be the most ambitious act of civil disobedience in history, with our most ambitious goal being the radical reinvention of society into something that, first and foremost, doesn’t threaten to destroy the ecosystem in which it survives.